Pursuing The Cure

Oncology Research & Education


The Stephen Tuttle Fund for Oncology Research & Education was established to fund educational and research opportunities for the next generation of scientists, with the hope of getting closer each year to the cure. Fund donations will primarily support the SUPERS program.

The Stats

Cancer affects everyone at some point in their lives.

new cancer cases each year

die from cancer related disease each day

cancer related deaths each year

women will develop cancer in their lifetime

men will develop cancer in their lifetime

Curing Cancer, One Trial At A Time

In 2010, Steve was instrumental in securing a NIH R25 training grant that established an innovative national program for training talented undergraduates in radiation sciences. This program (termed SUPERS) is still active to this day.

Steve was the main driving force behind the tremendous success of the SUPERS Program. His passion for science education and mentoring was contagious and transcended all levels of the program, from students to faculty preceptors and administrators. The National Institutes of Health has recognized the positive impact the Program has had on student careers and the field of Radiation Oncology, by renewing the program twice with nearly perfect scores. Over 225 students, including several underrepresented minorities or with disadvantaged backgrounds are now pursuing advanced degrees or hold faculty or scientist positions in the biomedical sciences. By generously contributing to this program, you are honoring Steve’s vision and helping us ensure that we will continue to recruit the best and brightest undergraduate students into the radiation sciences.